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Technical Support and Downloads

The FEMtools Support Portal is a communications and support center for all FEMtools users with current Maintenance and Technical Support contract. The support pages provide access to:

  • Downloadable FEMtools installation packs
  • FEMtools Knowledge Base - Information that complements the printed and electronic versions of the program documentation
  • RLM download and documentation

To contact FEMtools support, use:

Email:   (International)
Phone:  +32 16 40 23 00  (International)

Enter the FEMtools Support Portal

The FEMtools customer support portal is a restricted-access area that can only be accessed by customers using their login ID and password.

How to obtain a login ID and password?

If you forgot your password or if you are having problems with the support portal, then send a message to


What is New in the FEMtools Support Portal?

  • FEMtools  available for download (released 26 July 2016)


Download Reprise License Manager (RLM) Hostid Utility

Windows wrlmhostid
Linux 64-bit rlmhostid_lin64
Mac OS X (64-bit) rlmhostid_macos

Download and unpack the file. On Windows OS, run wrlmhostid.exe to obtain the server hostids. On other OS, run rlmhostid in a console window to obtain the server hostid.


Download Reprise License Manager (RLM) Server Utilities

Windows 32-bit rlm_win32
Windows 64-bit rlm_win64
Linux 64-bit rlm_lin64
Mac OS X (64-bit) rlm_macos

Download and unpack the zip file. Contains the rlm and dds servers, rlmhostid utility to obtain the server hostid and all RLM administrator utilities.


How to Obtain your Customer Login Information?

FEMtools users with current Maintenance and Technical Support contract can register and receive their login information by simply completing and submitting the following form.

To help us identify you as a registered FEMtools user, use the comment field to provide information on your license (dongle number or hostid), and the name of FEMtools contact person at your organization.


* Indicates a required field.


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